Knitting Machine   Knitking Model Kh 881   Plus   Many Extras


Knitting Machine   Knitking Model Kh 881   Plus   Many Extras

This sale is for a
KnitKing Model KH-881 Standard Gauge Knitting Machine in its original box with the Instruction Manual.  It is identified as "used" but it is like new - hardly used at all. It is basically a Brother machine. It
is cosmetically excellent. The machine has no apparent breaks or damage. We
have unlocked the knitting sliding carriage and moved from end to end and it
moves/glides smoothly. As the carriage goes across the bed it counts up in
number on the built-in counter. It knits very very well. All of the important
things are there.

This is a
beautiful machine…mechanically sound and in excellent condition. It is clean,
recently lubricated, complete and ready to go. It does come with all of its
parts including punch cards, cast on comb, lace carriage, and extension rails
in its original box. It has a smooth glide. It has been well kept/maintained,
and, has many “extra’s”.

The machine is a 24 stitch punch card machine. This was one of the best
machines that Brother made in the punch card range. It had the best
specification of its time. It includes a built-in Knitleader (patterning
device), and a lace carriage.

The KH881 is a standard 4.5 mm machine and knits yarn in the range of 6 to 8
stitches per inch…baby, sock, fingering and sport weight yarn. This is the
perfect time to start knitting summer weight shawls, lace tops, light weight
cotton clothing and kids play clothes.

This is an expandable machine and there are many accessories that can be added
such as a ribber attachment, garter carriage, color changer,transfer carriage,
hand linker, and intarsia carriage. Most of these items are also available and
can be purchased separately or as part of a lot sale with the knitting machine.  Please inquire.

The machine comes with: a new sponge bar installed, plus two (2) new, extra
sponge bars and extra needles; its original box, although one end of the box is
damaged - we have reinforced that end with additional cardboard and tape; a
separate toolbox complete with all the hand tools, cams, weights, plating
feeder, wax, and thread. 

This is the perfect machine for a beginner or student and up to the task of
production knitting. It is straight forward, easy to knit on and ready to
become your loyal knitter.

Besides the knitting machine this sale includes the following items for purchase consideration, plus, many other
- KH-88/89 Knit King G-Carriage (in original
box) w/Instruction Manual, plus accessories
and other miscellaneous parts
- KR-900 Knit King Ribbing Machine Attachment
(not in original box) w/Instruction Manual,
w/Brother Ribber Techniques Book
- KRC-830 Color Changer Attachment
w/Instruction Manual (not in original box)
- KA-8300 Transfer Carriage w/Instruction
Manual (brand new in original box still
wrapped in original plastic)
- Garter Bar (in original box)
- Punch Card Machine w/punch card patterns and
blank punch cards w/Instruction Manual (in
original box)- A metal stand/table designed to accept and position the knitting machine at the proper height - it is very stable.
- Yarn - Twelve spools/Miscellaneous colors
- Daruma HomeTwister (Yarn Twister) (in its
original box)

PLUS - Many, many books, magazines and videos pertaining to the knitting
machine and accessories. To list just a few:

- Easy Learning Knitting Series - “Getting
Started” - Workbook One & Video
- Easy Learning Knitting Series - "Getting
Better” - Workbook Two & Video
- Easy Learning Knitting Series - “Getting
Even” - Workbook Three & Video
- Knitting Machine Instructions - VHS Video
- Punchcard and Electronic Patterning with Jan
by Knit King - VHS Video
- Ribber and Garter Carriage with Jan by Knit
King - VHS Video
- Knitleader, Calcuknit and Advanced
Techniques with Jan by Knit King - VHS Video
- Knitting Machine Maintenance by Patricia
Coulston (book)
- The Money Makers Pattern Book - #1 & #2
Combined - 90 Patterns
- Magazines: Knit King Magazine (9), Machine
Knitting news (6), Brother Magazine (7),
Fashion Knitting Magazine (3), Brammel’s
  Magazine (2), Knitting w/Tami (1), Four
Seasons Machine Knitting Quarterly (1), and

Plus several downloaded articles from the internet relative to knitting and use
of the machine and its accessories.

This item comes ONLY as pictured and described above. All sales are final with
No returns or refunds. If you have questions please ask. Come and look at it.  We will mail via United Parcel Service (UPS) or United States Postal Service (USPS) withinin two (2) business days after payment receipt and delivery address confirmation.  PLEASE do not make payment until you receive the final cost including shipping charges.  Local pickup of the machine is possible if it is more economical and you live within a reasonable distance.  On Dec-14-11 at 18:48:37 PST, seller added the following information:NOTE: THIS AUCTION ONLY INCLUDES THE KNITTING MACHINE, NEW SPONGE BAR INSTALLED, PLUS TWO NEW EXTRA SPONGE BARS AND EXTRA NEEDLES, PLUS THE TOOL BOX COMPLETE WITH ALL OF THE HAND TOOLS, CAMS, WEIGHTS, PLATING FEEDER, WAX AND THREAD. ALL OTHER ITEMS IDENTIFIED MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. THE OTHER ITEMS MENTIONED ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE BUT CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

Sale Ends in 1 Hour!

Knitting Machine   Knitking Model Kh 881   Plus   Many Extras
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