Gearhart Sock Knit Knitter Knitting Machine On Stand


GEARHART FLOOR STANDING SOCK KNIT KNITTING KNITTER MACHINE WITH ACCESSORY COUNTER & PAPERWORK.   Made by the GEARHART KNITTING MACHINE CO., CLEARFIELD, PA. This GEARHART KNITTER comes on a very desirable FLOOR STAND - and one which breaks down for easy stowage. We oiled up all  of the parts and found that all parts turn freely. The KNITTER DRUM is stationary and the upper section on top rotates around the drum above - when the side crank gear is turned with the crank handle. There are no breaks or cracks or chips or sections missing from or to the pot metal KNITTING DRUM.   The THREE (3) LONG NEEDLES shown in the box below must be the THREE (3) NEEDLES missing in the drum.   There is a tattered envelope filled with SMALL NEEDLES - which may fit a different drum that is not present - or may fit this drum which is present. WE ARE NOT KNITTER PEOPLE - so do not know about what is required, etc.  The needles have some rust present, but do clean up with solvent. ALL PARTS SEEM TO BE PRESENT EXCEPT FOR THE WEIGHTS - WHICH ARE ALL MISSING.  These weights can be found easy enough, as you know - as they are very standardized.  Comes with all necessary paperwork, altho there may be wear and some mouse chews on the paperwork.  ONE PIECE OF PAPERWORK IS DATED 1925 - which dates this machine to 1925 - so it seems.  A very nice sock knitter not so often found these days.... on the rare FLOOR STAND.AS SHOWN ABOVE AND BELOW.  LUCKY BUYER PAYS $55.00 FOR PARCEL POST W/ DELIVERY CONFIRMATION & INSURANCE. WE DO NOT SHIP BY UPS as they rip open boxes insured at $100 or more seeking to deny shipments containing antiques. ALL SHIPMENTS NORMALLY MADE THROUGH USPS - BUT WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SEND BY FEDERAL EXPRESS GROUND INSURED. OVERSEAS & CANADIAN must pay $100.00 for minimally insured or REGISTERED signatured delivery by AIR POST - for easy Customs clearance. GEORGIA STATE RESIDENTS MUST PAY 7% STATE SALES TAX ON WINNING BID PRICE.   GOOD LUCK & THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!  WE COMBINE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

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Gearhart Sock Knit Knitter Knitting Machine On Stand
Knitting Machine Workbook No 1 By Tami Nobuyuki
Knitting Machine Workbook No 1 By Tami Nobuyuki
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