Brother Electronic Kh 940 Knitting Machine   Great!...


Brother Electronic Kh 940 Knitting Machine   Great!...

 Brother Electronic 4.5 mm - KH-940 Knitting Machinewith Lace Carriage___________________________________Condition:   Really Nice Working Condition; and ready to be used!. The Brother KH-940 Electronic Knitting Machine is a computerized knitting machine.  There are 555 different stitch patterns already stored in the machine memory and you can also make your own patterns at the simple touch of a few easy-to-operate keys.  This machine is capable of reading and knitting giant pattern using the 200 needles.  It offers also more pattern variations, like double width or double length, reverse image or mirror image and upside down. " NOTE:  The shipping cost is an estimation by Canada Post Services; if it is cheaper when we complete the shipping label, we will reimburse and refund the over shipping cost back to you" Note:  The table demonstrating the Knitting machine is not part of this auction.Knitting machine ready to be used, no
servicing is required!._______________________________________________________Facts about Knitting Machines and AccessoriesKnitting
Machines are entertaining and productive to use.  There are many
models, such Studio/Singer/Knitmaster; Brother; Toyota; White; Passap;
Bond; Corona and many others.   One thing they have in common is that
they were made a number of years ago and stored in attics, basement and
sheds.  Knitting Machines and accessories that have not recently been
used or serviced may not work; therefore  servicing is required.   A
maintenance service entails cleaning out of old oil and grease which
seize up moving parts and the replacement of plastic wheels, sponge bars
and needles.  It is important to ensure that once the service
maintenance has been completed; a test run is performed.Facts about our ListingsA
maintenance service has been completed on all Knitting Machines,
Ribbers and Accessories.  We strive to ensure that all knitting
apparatus is in good working condition.  When you receive your
purchase,  your item is ready to be used._____________________________________KH-940 AccessoriesInstruction Manual on CDStitch World (Pattern Book)Yarn Tension UnitCast-on CombExtension RailsL-CarriagePower CordCrochet HookLatcher ToolTransfer Tools (1x2; 1x3; 2x3)Needle PusherCast-on ThreadTapestry NeedleSpare Needles (3)Table Clamps (2)Claw Weights (2)Hand BrushPlating Yarn FeederLatch Opening PlateOilYarn WaxCarriage Lock (installed on the knitting machine for shipping protection)SHIPPINGWe will ship your item(s) in the most expedient and cost effective manner. Shipping delivery by Canada Post usually takes 3-7 business days in Canada and 9-12 business days for the United States. These are delivery estimates and there may be some delays due to unforeseen conditions.TERM OF SALESWe provide an honest and accurate description of the auction item(s). We guarantee that each item offered is in working condition and has been tested and verified. Photographs are included to help you evaluate the condition and quality of the product(s). If for any reasons, you are not satisfied, before leaving feedback, we want to hear from you!Questions are always welcome!ABOUT USWe have been involved in technology for over 25 years and became interested in knitting machine technology now that "we are retired!".  The transition to this new adventure was just another step in our journey.  All knitting machines and parts are serviced, cleaned and ready to be used.  We always knit a swatch to demonstrate that the unit is working.  We provide bilingual  English and French service!

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Brother Electronic Kh 940 Knitting Machine   Great!...
Knitting Machine Workbook No 1 By Tami Nobuyuki
Knitting Machine Workbook No 1 By Tami Nobuyuki
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